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A Journey From Newbie Blogger to Pro Blogger

If your new to blogging then you need to follow other large blogs similar to your blog means on same niche. Every blogger want to make money from there blog but most of them are flop because they try unnecessary experiments on their blog rather than focusing on the quality content.

You need a little or more time to make money from blog as it depends on your niche, blogging under timeless niche such as relationship tips, health tips etc is just waste of time. If you want to become a Professional Blogger and want to earn something good then you need to follow some tips mentioned below. These tips will surely boost your income and will turn you into a pro-blogger from newbie blogger. Here is A Journey From Newbie Blogger to Pro-blogger :

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Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

If you want to make good blog then you have to write high quality content. You need to choose your blog niche in which you have interest, so you can give your best to blog. It takes times for one to become a problogger and create good blog, you just need to update it on daily basis because there many blog with high quality content but these blogs are not updated on daily basis. It is advised that have patience and be passionate to become a pro-blogger.

Post Frequency

Post frequency mean that to make the strategy of posting article almost all successful blogger post articles per day and if you are busy then you need to publish 3 to 5 article per week. Post frequency depends on your niche if you are running technology then you need to keep it updated but if your niche is something else then post frequency should be maintained as mentioned above.

Make Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is the second largest source to drive heavy traffic to your blog. Few year ago there is no concept of social media marking but now a day there millions of fan and lots of traffic present on social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. If you want to increase your Facebook Fan and Twitter Follower then you need to share so information with them but social media marketing is not easy.

Use Guest Posting

Guest is the best way to make good loyal reader and web traffic. Most newbie blogger do not know that what is guest posting and how to do it. Guest post means that on other blog guest visitor or author make post. The advantage of guest post is that you will get do follow backlink to your blog this is awesome.