3 Search Engine Optimization tips for High Search Engine Rankings New Project2

3 Search Engine Optimization tips for High Search Engine Rankings

Today i will be sharing 3 Search Engine Optimization tips for High Search Engine Rankings. Many of you might think, heard and assume search engine optimization is a very difficult thing, But in actual it is not that difficult. In fact, it is mostly about three things: keywords, content, and linking.

If you can get a grasp on those three things then you’ve come fairly close to mastering search engine optimization. Many times its best to use professionals but in case if you want to do it by yourself, this is what you need to know.


What are keyword and why are they relevant? Answer to this is just simple, Keywords are those words in your article, for which you want to rank top in the search(it can be google search, Bing or any other search engine).

The Google Keyword Tool is your best friend when it comes to choosing keywords. Simply type in the words or terms you think your target audience will use when searching for products and services similar to yours. Trying using entire phrases instead of single words. Let’s say your company sells watches. Instead of simply optimization for the word ‘watch’ try optimization for ‘buy a watch’ or ‘buy a stylish watch’. The more specific your phrase is, the less competition you will have in optimizing for it. Write down the top five to twelve words that you want to optimize for as those will heavily influence your content.


Content ranks right up there with links as the most important aspect of your search engine optimization efforts. Content is the key to optimization success. The business of search engines is to provide users with the information they’re looking for otherwise those users will go somewhere else. In order to give users what they’re looking for, search engines have to give users webpages that are most relevant to the search terms that they entered. So search engines are looking for pages with the most relevant and helpful information for users. If your website has the most helpful and relevant information about unicycles, then your page will receive a high ranking from Google and will show up on the first page of search engine results, if not in the top spot.

So instead of trying to trick the search engines by cramming a lot of keywords into content, simply provide content that will provide your target audience with the information they need about your product or service.

Links are key to search engine optimization success. Search engines base their rankings on the number of inbound links to your site from other websites that they consider authoritative in your field.

So make sure that your link-building campaign is ongoing. Revisit it every few weeks or so, remembering that you’re never done and that you have to keep building links even when you achieve a high search engine ranking. Your competitors are constantly building their links too. If you stop building yours then you risk losing your top spot.