How to increase pagerank of the blog/site

Google page rank is the feature from Google which rates the webpages by its importance. The ranking scale is of 10. So if your webpage is more important according to google then you will surely have nice google page rank. Lets focus on improving the page rank:1. Write unique content:
start writing the unique articles.
2. Exchange link with other sites: This is an interesting part of getting a higher page rank, If you focus on exchanging links with your friends website/blog having a higher rank then your page will also start attracting higher google rank.
3. Contribute to open source: An open source projects such as creating plugins or contributing to an open source project will help to place your website link on opensource contribution page, which always yeald a higher page rank.
4. Backlinks from forum: Creating large number of backlinks from discussion forums can also be helpful in building a good page rank for google, this concept is largely applied by the individuals as it is the cheapest source for getting a high page rank.
5. Search engine optimization: Whenever a page is optimized correctly on search engines, it will sooner or later have a better google rankings for that page. If you look at the top 10 result of very high competitive keywords, you will be amazed to find that all the 10 result links in the first page of google search will have high page rank.
If you want to share experience about obtaining higher page rank then please do comment. If you write the unique contents. It is more likely to get the higher page rank if you


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