Tips to Avoid or Prevent Viruses on Cell Phone

4 Tips to Avoid or Prevent Viruses on Cell Phone and PCs

Today, an unprotected cell phone or PCs isn’t just vulnerable, it’s probably already infected, Lets see Avoid or Prevent Viruses on Cell Phone and PCs. New viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malware debut every day and affect your cell phone and PC. These viruses can make severe damage to PCs, cell phones, tablets and all such devices. Therefore it is becoming immensely important to avoid these viruses. Here’s a complete guide to Avoid or Prevent Viruses on Cell Phone and PCs.

This is what you need to do to Avoid or Prevent Viruses on Cell Phone and PCs :

1. Install Anti-Virus

Installing an Anti-virus software is the first layer of security for your cell phone or PC. Therefore, you must know which software is to be installed in your system as there are so many fake software available on internet, which have been synthesized by hackers to act like PC monitoring software or cell phone spy software. In that case it becomes necessary to know what you are installing? So, installing an anti-virus software with proper care will help your device to avoid viruses.

2. Ignore Unknown E-mails

Unknown e-mails which comes with attachments are one of the biggest and modern sources of viruses. There could be a sizzling offer that might sizzle you into taking a try into the offer at your security’s expense. Hence, if you receive an e-mail that is sent by a sender that you do not know, try to avoid these mails from opening.

If you do open the e-mail, avoid opening the attachment because anything that is potentially malicious would be found in the attachments. Instead opening attachment download it and first scan the attachment and post that open it, if it is safe.

So yes, when an e-mail tells you that you are the lucky lottery winner or you are getting something in unbelievable rate etc., Showing urgency for anything it’s likely a virus loaded or has malware with it and is trying to trap you.

3. Avoid Ads

While using social networking sites like Facebook, Google, MySpace and of course X(Formerly know as Twitter) avoid clicking on links that are unknown, or are shared by people that you don’t know. This is because what these link can do is, they can harm your cell phone or PCs and can also damage your data. Unknown links can be of site that is fully loaded with malware which can demolish the security of your system it can be your PC, Phone or Laptop.

Website and app ads tend to pop up with an increasing frequency these days, which is a regularly used mode of spreading viruses or spamming. Avoid clicking on these ads as much as you can. Viruses penetrate the system without the user finding it out, and there aren’t many more menacing ways of spreading malware than these ads.

It goes without saying that the ads would be too scrumptious to avoid taking a bite, but until and unless you do proper research, that biting act would be akin to putting your teeth into your security mechanism and then gulping it.

These were few precautions you can take to avoid or prevent viruses on cell phone and PCs. If you want to know more of such action which will help you to keep safe your PC and mobile, Please do comment.