5 important hrs of blogging

5 important hrs of blogging

Blogging is not just writing and showing to people what u think it’s just the way you think about any aspect. Though it’s just a way you try to tell people by your writing and explain each and every step. To do that you should better understand what do people think and what do they want. So today i will tell you how to write an article which can go viral.

If you explain the readers in you simple language that will better work or the visitors will leave and jump to any competitor’s page which will harm you website.

There is a simple way to write your own blog post without any type of problem.

  • 1st hr of writing a blog post.

In this first hour you have to just take a small survey of the web just go to top websites and just see what is selling out there means which article is been visited the most. Like if you have a site where game blog are been placed then just try to visit the most gaming sites as you can. After that you will gain a little idea what to write what are the needs of people and why are they visiting that site most rather than mine.

  • 2nd hr of writing a blog post.

Now you got some idea what to write. In this hr you will take a rough page and write whatever you like without seeing any type of grammatical errors. This will contain everything which comes in your mind. Don’t write on electronic gadgets. This writing on page will be the best tool latter.

  • 3rd hr of writing a blog post.

Now write it down on electronic gadget keeping that page in front of you by this time you should remove all the grammatical errors and also add all the affiliate links with the good readable language. In this period you should bullet all the important points. Also add images to ypur content

  •  4th hr of writing blog post.

This hr will make all your visitors to be on your page without leaving and going anywhere else. You should try to search similar sites which share same thoughts like you and read them and ask a question to yourself why anyone would leave my article for this one. And then make last changes in post.

  • 5th hr of writing a blog post.

In this hr is the most important hr as the thin coming under this hr will make your sites rank high and visible to search engines. Take the page on which you had written and remove the SEO keywords from it as you had written whatever came in your mind you can easily get the keywords.

This was the best strategy for writing a blog post and making it popular.