How To Completely Block Facebook On Computer: FB Limiter


FB Limiter is a windows application that can completely restrict access to Facebook and YouTube on your computer.It is available in both free and paid versions.The Free version allows only complete blocking of you tube and Facebook whereas in paid version you will have the ability to block or unblock these sites for specific interval of time.

Features Of FB Limiter

  • Block Facebook and you tube access on your computer to anyone who uses it (Normal Lock)
  • Limit Facebook and you tube access to specific times during the week (e.g. Allow your kids to use Facebook only one hour a day) (Time Lock – Pro version)
  • Block Facebook and you tube access to yourself for specific time duration. In cases when you are too much distracted and want to be sure you will not get a chance to use Facebook or you tube. (Total Lock – Pro version)
  • Control access to Facebook on daily basis. (e.g. You could limit usage of facebook to just one hour daily) (Duration Lock – Pro version)


How To use Fb Limiter?

Grab your free copy of FB limiter by clicking here.Install and run the software on your computer.You will need to register for a free account to unlock the software.Once registered you will be greeted by a friendly user Interface (see screenshot below)

How To Completely Block Facebook On Computer: FB Limiter block facebook


Now you can block these website on a single click of mouse.
Another great feature of this softwae is that it is password protected.Even if somebody know that you are blocking websites using FB limiter still they won’t be able to unblock them as the software will ask for a password before it can be used.
This software is compatible with windows xp service pack 2 and later.So test out this software and share you experience via comments