How to send a photo in facebook chat box

I have another tweak to send pics in facebook chat box

Follow these simple steps :-

1. Open Smile code generator.

2. Now upload your pic and fill the captcha.

3. They will ask you to like their fan page, just click on like button and proceed to next step.

4.Then, click on show code.

5. Copy the code and paste on the facebook chat box.

6. Now press enter and you’re done.

Stranger chat: Complete online free stranger chat sites list

Hi all of u Chatting with stranger is fun for everyone. Because we can chat with them without any identity. . Most of the people get stress because of chatting with well known persons for a long time. To kill this stress we can talk with unknown persons. I have recently posted Best sites for free online stranger chat.  Today i want to share the complete list of stranger chat sites.These sites also permits us for text chat and some sites gives free audio chat. Sp,e sites in the list available for mobile users and some sites offers free application for stranger chat.

Free online Stranger Chat sites list:

Top sites for free stranger online video chatting

Are you bored with Facebook chatting? Here is the good time to chat with stranger online.from all around the world.without your identity. These are the best alternatives for FB and any other social networking sites. These social networking sites are only allows users to chat with their friends only. Here i listed some good sites that allows you to chat with online strangers.


Omeggle is most popular site for online stranger video chat in which it was founded by 18 years old boy in 2009. In omegle there is no need to register and no age limit.omegle picks a random buddy for you to chat. You can use your own interest or your facebook likes to pick a correct person.
Click here to visit omegle


ChatRoulette is an another one this is also like a omegle. but it uses peer-to-peer connection to find out the stranger. Like omegle in ChatRoulette also no need to register and no age limit. in ChatRoulette you can report inappropriate users 🙂
Click here to visit ChatRoulette


TinyChat is a fast growing best online Stranger chat site over the internet. By using TinyChat you can chat with your friends and stranger too. But Sign up needed to get stranger chat. Here you can Sign In using your facebook and twitter account. In TinyChat you can create public and private Own chat rooms.
Click here to visit Tinychat


LolliChat is best alternative for omegle and ChatRoulette. This service like same as the above two. there is no signup needed no age limit.It removes all your log files when you disconnect.
Click here to visit Lollichat


6Rounds is only site in this list which provides online real time games. You can listen MP3 files too.In here registration needed for stranger chat and also you must be atleast 18 years old. 🙁
Click here to visit Rounds

Launch Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously On Your Computer

Skype is preferred Messenger for communication.Ever since its launch it has been adopted for both personal and professional use.It was acquired by Microsoft and has 663 million registered users as of September 2011 and the network is growing larger day by day.Skype is not limited to just instant messaging but it can be used for making voice calls to landlines and mobiles at nominal charges.Like Gmail, Yahoo and other major instant messengers skype also doesn’t allow running multiple instances but their are workarounds for this.In one of my earlier post I wrote about how you can run Multiple Google Talk instances and how to open multiple Gmail accounts in same browser.
You can either opt for manual methods which are quite tiring and difficult or use Multi Skype Launcher which is a free software.It is compatible with windows xp, vista and windows 7.To run this program you should have at least .NET framework 3.5 and Skype 4.0 Installed on your Computer.
How Multiple Instances Can Run using Skype Multi launcher?
Well there is no specific restriction from the software itself but the number of accounts is dependable upon your hardware specifications.As skype uses your hardware you may find dizziness in your system performance if you run too many instances simultaneously.
How To Use Multi Skype launcher?

    • Download Multi Skype launcher from here
    • Installation is pretty straight forward and during this process it will give the option to install G launcher.G launcher is a standalone application that can record your skype conversations.It is completely your choice whether to have this application or not.
    • When you will run the program it will ask for your Skype login credentials.Enter your details and click on OK button.Similarly you can add more accounts.
  • To open a account select the account and click on Launch button.Your account will open in a new window.Repeat this process to open more accounts.
Don’t open too many accounts simultaneously as it can slow down your computer.

Is it Safe To use Multi Skype launcher?
Multi Skype Launcher is completely safe and you login details are never shared.

Trace Your Friend IP while During Chat Time


It is so Simple at first go in to go into search bar and type “WHAT IS MY”  in to search result you can find your IP address..


Press “Win+R” and write “CMD“. Than Write Command “ping

How to trace IP of FRIEND During Chating ??

Find Someone’s IP Address During Chat When You are Chatting On Facebook , Google+, Gmail , Orkut etc. with that person
Follow those steps:→

1) First Just invite or ping that User for a chat Then open ‘Command Prompt‘ on your PC (Start –> Run –>cmd).
Note: Before trying this make sure you close all the other tabs in your browser. and only any of the Chat Service is open. Also if possible delete all the history and cache from your browser.
2) When command prompt opens Type the following command and hit Enter.
netstat -an (put space between “netstat and -an”)
And you will get all established connections IP addresses there. Note down all the suspicious IP’s.
3) Now Trace that user using his IP address.Go to This Link : and paste the IP address in the box As Shown Below in Image. And It will show you the location of the user.

It will show you all the information about that user along with ISP and a Location in the MAP.
Now in the MAP Just click on “click for big ip address location” in the big picture you can actually zoom in. and try to recognize the area.

How to go Offline to A Friend in Facebook Chat ?

You can  go Offline to A Friend in Facebook Chat if you don’t want to chat to him on facebook
Method to show offline chat status to a friend  in facebook
  1. In Facebook chat bar, click on Options and go to Advanced Settings
  2. Click on Under Advanced Chat Settings
  3. Tick on Under “All your friends see you except…”, Enter name of friends to whom you want to show offline (you can also include lists if you’ve made).
  4. Save You settings
  5. done
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