Launch Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously On Your Computer

Skype is preferred Messenger for communication.Ever since its launch it has been adopted for both personal and professional use.It was acquired by Microsoft and has 663 million registered users as of September 2011 and the network is growing larger day by day.Skype is not limited to just instant messaging but it can be used for making voice calls to landlines and mobiles at nominal charges.Like Gmail, Yahoo and other major instant messengers skype also doesn’t allow running multiple instances but their are workarounds for this.In one of my earlier post I wrote about how you can run Multiple Google Talk instances and how to open multiple Gmail accounts in same browser.
You can either opt for manual methods which are quite tiring and difficult or use Multi Skype Launcher which is a free software.It is compatible with windows xp, vista and windows 7.To run this program you should have at least .NET framework 3.5 and Skype 4.0 Installed on your Computer.
How Multiple Instances Can Run using Skype Multi launcher?
Well there is no specific restriction from the software itself but the number of accounts is dependable upon your hardware specifications.As skype uses your hardware you may find dizziness in your system performance if you run too many instances simultaneously.
How To Use Multi Skype launcher?

    • Download Multi Skype launcher from here
    • Installation is pretty straight forward and during this process it will give the option to install G launcher.G launcher is a standalone application that can record your skype conversations.It is completely your choice whether to have this application or not.
    • When you will run the program it will ask for your Skype login credentials.Enter your details and click on OK button.Similarly you can add more accounts.
Launch Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously On Your Computer Screen7
  • To open a account select the account and click on Launch button.Your account will open in a new window.Repeat this process to open more accounts.
Don’t open too many accounts simultaneously as it can slow down your computer.

Is it Safe To use Multi Skype launcher?
Multi Skype Launcher is completely safe and you login details are never shared.