2020 IPL match schedule ipl schudule

2020 IPL match schedule

2020 IPL match schedule – This year has hard hit many people and industry. One if this is cricket industry, at the beginning there was a chance that IPL 2020 will not be a thing in 2020 due to corona crisis. Here we are with the 2020 IPL match schedule and it going to happen. The first IPL match of 2020 will be played on 19th September 2020 in Abu Dhabi, In this match we will see a clash between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super King.

Here goes the time table or 2020 IPL match schedule

Match dayDayDateTime in ISTVenueTeams
1Sat19-Sep-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiMumbai Indians VS Chennai Super Kings
2Sun20-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiDelhi Capitals VS Kings XI Punjab
3Mon21-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
4Tue22-Sep-20207:30 PMSharjahRajasthan Royals VS Chennai Super Kings
5Wed23-Sep-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiKolkata Knight Riders VS Mumbai Indians
6Thu24-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiKings XI Punjab VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
7Fri25-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiChennai Super Kings VS Delhi Capitals
8Sat26-Sep-20207:30 PMAbu Dhabi Kolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
9Sun27-Sep-20207:30 PMSharjahRajasthan Royals VS Kings XI Punjab
10Mon28-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Mumbai Indians
11Tue29-Sep-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiDelhi Capitals VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
12Wed30-Sep-20207:30 PMDubaiRajasthan Royals VS Kolkata Knight Riders
13Thu1-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiKings XI Punjab VS Mumbai Indians
14Fri2-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiChennai Super Kings VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
15Sat3-Oct-20203:30 PMAbu DhabiRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Rajasthan Royals
16Sat3-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahDelhi Capitals VS Kolkata Knight Riders
17Sun4-Oct-20203:30 PMSharjahMumbai Indians VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
18Sun4-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiKings XI Punjab VS Chennai Super Kings
19Mon5-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Delhi Capitals
20Tue6-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiMumbai Indians VS Rajasthan Royals
21Wed7-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiKolkata Knight Riders VS Chennai Super Kings
22Thu8-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Kings XI Punjab
23Fri9-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahRajasthan Royals VS Delhi Capitals
24Sat10-Oct-20203:30 PMAbu DhabiKings XI Punjab VS Kolkata Knight Riders
25Sat10-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiChennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
26Sun11-Oct-20203:30 PMDubaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Rajasthan Royals
27Sun11-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiMumbai Indians VS Delhi Capitals
28Mon12-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Kolkata Knight Riders
29Tue13-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Chennai Super Kings
30Wed14-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiDelhi Capitals VS Rajasthan Royals
31Thu15-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Kings XI Punjab
32Fri16-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiMumbai Indians VS Kolkata Knight Riders
33Sat17-Oct-20203:30 PMDubaiRajasthan Royals VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
34Sat17-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahDelhi Capitals VS Chennai Super Kings
35Sun18-Oct-20203:30 PMAbu DhabiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Kolkata Knight Riders
36Sun18-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiMumbai Indians VS Kings XI Punjab
37Mon19-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiChennai Super Kings VS Rajasthan Royals
38Tue20-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiKings XI Punjab VS Delhi Capitals
39Wed21-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiKolkata Knight Riders VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
40Thu22-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiRajasthan Royals VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
41Fri23-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahChennai Super Kings VS Mumbai Indians
42Sat24-Oct-20203:30 PMAbu DhabiKolkata Knight Riders VS Delhi Capitals
43Sat24-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
44Sun25-Oct-20203:30 PMDubaiRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Chennai Super Kings
45Sun25-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiRajasthan Royals VS Mumbai Indians
46Mon26-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahKolkata Knight Riders VS Kings XI Punjab
47Tue27-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiSunrisers Hyderabad VS Delhi Capitals
48Wed28-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiMumbai Indians VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
49Thu29-Oct-20207:30 PMDubaiChennai Super Kings VS Kolkata Knight Riders
50Fri30-Oct-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiKings XI Punjab VS Rajasthan Royals
51Sat31-Oct-20203:30 PMDubaiDelhi Capitals VS Mumbai Indians
52Sat31-Oct-20207:30 PMSharjahRoyal Challengers Bangalore VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
53Sun1-Nov-20203:30 PMAbu DhabiChennai Super Kings VS Kings XI Punjab
54Sun1-Nov-20207:30 PMDubaiKolkata Knight Riders VS Rajasthan Royals
55Mon2-Nov-20207:30 PMAbu DhabiDelhi Capitals VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
56Tue3-Nov-20207:30 PMSharjahSunrisers Hyderabad VS Mumbai Indians