Trick to Open Multiple Google Talk Accounts

Gmail is the Big daddy of all the email services like yahoomail, hotmail, AOL etc .Usually people create multiple Gmail accounts to isolate their professional and personal life. By default, Google does not allow its users to open multiple instances of Google talk or Gmail accounts simultaneously. By Using this trick you can run multiple instances of Google Talk. I have tested it on windows 7 and it should also work on windows XP and Vista.

Trick to Open Multiple Google Talk Account

  • Create a Shortcut of Gtalk on the desktop
  • Now Right Click on it and select Properties.


C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Talk.exe /nomutex
  • Select Ok button.
  • Now Double Click on Gtalk shortcut to open new instance.You can open any number of instances by clicking on the icon over and again

Here is the Screencast to Open Multiple Google Talk Account