Receive Freee SMS Alerts Whenever a new Mail Popped Up in Gmail via way2sms

All of you have heared the name of WAY2SMS ,Do you know that you can get SMS alerts when you receive a new email in your Gmail inbox? Yes, this can be done using This facility which is provided by way2sms is extremely useful for people who don’t have a smartphone or when no internet connection is available.
How to Configure Gmail SMS Alerts?
  •     Login to your Way2SMS account (or) Sign Up if you don’t have one.
  •     Go to “Mail Alerts” tab and copy the mail forwarding address
Mail Alerts Way2SMS
  •  Now, login to your Gmail account and select “Settings”.
    Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and choose “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” option and enter the forwarding address that you’ve copied in the 2nd step.
Gmail Mail Forwarding Activation
  •      Ensure you select the “Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox” option.
  •     Confirm with the verification code that you’ll receive on your mobile in Gmail verification box.

That’s it! You’ll now receive mobile SMS alerts for every incoming mail that your Gmail ID gets.

    NOTE: You can try this procedure with any Email service provider that allows mail forwarding service.