How To make Pendrive or USB Drive Bootable

We boot our computer with the help of Bootable OS CD/DVD. But sometime the CD/DVD is not available with us but we have an ISO image of the bootable OS. So instead of burning that ISO image to a CD/DVD you can use your PenDrive/USB Drive/Flash drive as a bootable device and boot your OS from that bootable USB Drive. Now the question arises how can we make our PenDrive/USB Drive bootable. Ok let me show you a very simple solution, For this you have to download a windows application called “ULTRAISO”

  • You can Ultraiso from the link below. The link is an url shortner link
    Link 1
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  • Click on the SKIP AD> and proceed to Download.
  • After You Downloaded The file Install it to Your Computer.

Now carefully Follow The following Steps to Make Your USB/Pendrive Bootable.

  1. If You are using Vista/Windows 7 then Run UltraIso using the Administrator Privilege. Or simply run as Administrator. The image shown below is for your reference. In case of XP or Low version of Windows OS you can directly run the software.
Untitled 1
Windows 7 start menu showing Ultraiso selected
  1. If u have patched the setup entered the key the window like this will appear
Untitled 2
  1. Click on The Open Icon one the Title Bar or Simply Press “CTRL+O”  the open popup will open like this.
Untitled 3
  1. Now go to the Location in Your Hard Drive where the ISO file of OS is located.Select the appropriate file and open it. After You open The file, file will be open in software main window like this
Untitled 4
  1. Now Go to the Bootable menu in the Menu Bar. And Select Write Disk Image.. Option.
Untitled 5
  1. After You Click on this option, A new Window will appear which will be like this.
Untitled 2
  1. Select You USB Drive from the Drop Down Menu and click on the Write Option.
  2. You will be prompt with the this Dialoge Box shown below.Click one yes to continue
Untitled 1
  1. take some time and than Your USB will be Bootable.

You can boot Your computer from this USB. You can make bootable USB for all type of  OS like WIN 7 ,Vista ,ubuntu,mint,etc. also you can make bootable USB of so many live OS of Linux like BACKTRACK…

NOTE: You cant make Bootable windows XP USB with help of this Software.