Web hosting service

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data center, called colocation or Housing as it is commonly called in Latin America or France.

The scope of web hosting services varies greatly. The most basic is web page and small-scale file hosting, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web interface. The files are usually delivered to the Web “as is” or with little processing.Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer this service free to their subscribers. People can also obtain Web page hosting from other, alternative service providers. Personal web site hosting is typically free, advertisement-sponsored, or inexpensive. Business web site hosting often has a higher expense.

Single page hosting is generally sufficient only for personal web pages. A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET). These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. For e-commerce, SSL is also highly recommended.

The host may also provide an interface or control panel for managing the Web server and installing scripts as well as other modules and service applications like e-mail. Some hosts specialize in certain software or services (e.g. e-commerce). They are commonly used by larger companies to outsource network infrastructure to a hosting company.
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How to Make Money with Adf.ly

What is Adf.ly ?
Adf.ly is a a free URL shortening service with a feature help you to make money online easily  you will get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for an account and start shrinking.You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.Example URL for tool-tricks.blogspot.com:http://adf.ly/40rgG .When you will click on this link you will see advertisement and then come to this site.Its very easy to make money.Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums,personal websites and any social networking sites.Its a cool website to make some money online.

Adf.fly Benefits

You can earn more than $4.00 / 1000 visitors to your links. Get tiny URLs for your large urls, great for when text space is limited andyou can earn more money by using this method. All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups every one can watch these advertisements.Frequent statistics with revenue breakdown easily.Refer users and get a massive 20% commission on the total earning they made in their life time.Many tools – Mass Shrinker tool is availabe for  Easy Link, API . Easy-to-reach $5.00 minimum payout.That cool you can easily reach 5$.So why are you waiting just register to adfly and start making money online easily .
They pay using paypal and alertpay on weekly basis.You don’t have to wait for monthly payments ,you will get paid timely.
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Get Free .in Domain With Free Hosting For 1 year From Google

Google India has announced a first of its kind of initiative ” Get India Online” for personal and small business owners to have their own online Identity. In this program Google India in association with hostgator is providing free .in domain and 1 year hosting service for free. Not just this you will get free tools,training and resources to make a website up and running.

What you will get in “India Get your Business Online” Program:

    •    Free, easy-to-build, professional website
    •    Free .in domain name and hosting for one year
    •    Free Google Adwords coupon worth Rs.2500 INR to promote your new website with Google
    •    Free Google Apps account with Free email addresses
    •    Free support in creating, hosting and managing the website for a period of one year without any cost through toll free call centers 1800-266-3000

What you need to have to avail this offer:

This offer is for small business owner but if you are not one of them then also you can have your own free website as long as you are having one PAN card.

How to Get your own free .in Domain and 12 months hosting for free:

  1. Visit Indiagetonline.in and choose a domain name for your business/website
  2. Fill up a form with your personal information along with PAN details.
  3. Select a readymade template that suits your business needs, you can customize the text and pictures of the pages and your site is good to go.

If you are not happy with the hosting service and want to move your site to some other hosting provider , you are free to change the DNS settings but this can be done only after 60 days of domain registration.

Aakash Android Tablet Full Specifications and Price Rs 1700 Order Now

Aakash Android Tablet” Produce & Launced by India  government  And partnered with Datawind of U.K to produce a  tablet Called as Aakash Tablet.Aakash World Cheapest Android Tablet. 

The device can play full HD videos @ 1080 pixels and as any Android device, can stream YouTube videos with little pain. This makes it a plus point for students who can access vast number of NPTEL videos already uploaded to the video sharing website

The original specs were pretty good too. A  7” display with 800×480 pixel resolutionMemory (RAM): 256MB RAM / Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash, USB and Wi-Fi built in, plus a Linux OS shipping with OpenOffice, a PDF reader, web browser, video chat application, and media player.
Price of Aakash Android Tablet: 
Government Price :$35 [Rs 1700] 
Retail price :$60 [Rs 2990]  
Features of Aakash Tablet :

Unbeatable Price:

  • Only Rs.2,999 for the UbiSlate
  • Monthly internet charges: Rs.98 / 2GB

High Quality Web Anytime & Anywhere:

  • Connect via GPRS or WiFi
  • GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows Internet access everywhere
  • WiFi: Allows fast Youtube videos at hotspots
  • Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind’s patented acceleration technology
  • Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and much much more!

Multimedia Powerhouse:

  • HD Quality Video
  • Watching movies in the palm of your hand on a 7” screen
  • Audio library software helps manage your full collection of songs

Applications Galore with Android 2.2:

  • Games
  • Productivity software: Office suite
  • Educational software
  • Over 150,000 apps!

Full sized-USB port & Micro-SD slot:

  • Expand memory to 32GB
  • Use any ordinary pen-drive
  • Even plug-in a 3G dongle

Configuration :-


  • Processor: Connexant with Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor
  • Memory (RAM): 256MB RAM / Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash
  • Storage (External): 2GB to 32GB Supported
  • Peripherals (USB2.0 ports, number): 1 Standard USB port
  • Audio out: 3.5mm jack / Audio in: 3.5mm jack
  • Display and Resolution: 7” display with 800×480 pixel resolution
  • Input Devices: Resistive touch screen
  • Connectivity and Networking: GPRS and WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
  • Power and Battery: Up to 180 minutes on battery. AC adapter 200-240 volt range.


  • OS: Android 2.2
  • Document Rendering
  • Supported Document formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • PDF viewer, Text editor

Multimedia and Image Display

  • Image viewer supported formats: PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF
  • Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA
  • Supported video formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV

Communication and Internet

  • Web browser – Standards Compliance: xHTML 1.1 compliant, JavaScript 1.8 compliant
  • Separate application for online YouTube video
  • Safety and other standards compliance

CE certification / RoHS certification

  • Other: Additional Web Browser: UbiSurfer-Browser with compression/acceleration and IE8 rendering.


Full set of accessory options:

  • Car charger
  • External antenna
  • Keyboard case
  • There is no other touch-pad tablet or computing device anywhere near the price of the UbiSlate
  • At only Rs.2,999, you get:
  • A 7” Android 2.2 tablet
  • With an embedded GPRS modem and WiFi
  • Unlimited Mobile Internet at only Rs.98/month
  • HD Quality Video and Multimedia
  • 150,000 Android Apps

Download Torrents without Torrent Download Software: Torrific

Torrific is a free service to directly download torrents with your web browser. Most Internet users who download TV shows, movies and other files are familiar with Torrent and probably use it often. There are, however, many that don’t really understand how to use it and this is where the free service of Torrific comes in handy.

You can give URL of any torrent to Torrific, and it will convert it to a regular download file. This mean you do not need torrent download software to download torrents, and can use your regular download manager.

Methods of downloading a Torrent file using the Free Torrific Service.

One method is to type the torrent file URL into the ‘Get’ field on the main page. This particular method is ideal if you have used a personal torrent tracker and thus are able to acquire your torrent files. If you already have the torrent link, then all you need do is copy and paste it in the ‘get’ field. From this point on Torrific will download the torrent file and store it in the processing queue.
Another method is to enter a torrent website, using the Torrific search option. Once in the website, you can then spend time scanning the various files available and make you choice. Once you’ve decided, type the URL in the ‘get’ field and Torrific will respond by opening the page in a web format, allowing you to navigate around.
A third method is to type search strings in the ‘Get’ field and Torrific will contact Google.

Some advantages and a disadvantage of a free service like Torrific.

The service is flexible and users are able to use Torrific on more than one computer or on different computers at different locations. The auto download option alone is a huge advantage, as it can be performed remotely.
Torrific is a convenient free service that makes acquiring torrent files easier and less stressful.

Torrific is a really good service to download torrents without using a torrent client like uTorrent. However, you might have to sometimes wait for a long wait time before your file is ready for download. If you are a regular torrent downloader, you are better off sticking with regular torrent download software, especially if they are coupled with a torrent download accelerator. On the other hand, you can try BurnBit to convert file to torrent.

Home Page: Click Here
Free / Paid: Free

SMS more than 160 charactor

Hi friends u all may be using SMS sending websites for sending sms,They all provide u about 140 characters only, if u want to send long message or some detail it is quit trouble making for everyone of us. So i suggest u a simple way by using which u all can send sms upto 500 character. This is very useful and easy,also you need not have to signup or login just senders mobile number body of sms and senders name
For sending Click here
or open the following link

Try Google Namebench For A Faster Internet Experience

If you are tired of your current internet connection speed, if you have wasted a plenty of time in search of a working trick to increase the speed of your internet connection and if you are a power-user and wanting a faster internet experience with 5 minutes to spare,“Google Namebench” is there to help you. (As Google always does!!!)Try out Namebench. It hunts down the fastestDNS Servers available for your computer to use.
How Does Namebench Work?

Namebench runs a fair and thorough benchmark using your web browser history, TCPdump output, or standardized datasets, in order to provide an individual recommendation.
Namebench is completely free and does not modify your system in any way. This project began as 20% project at Google.
Namebench runs on MAC OS X, Windows, and UNIX, and is available with a graphical user interface as well as command line interface.
Namebench was written using open-source tools and libraries Python, Tkinter, PyObjC, dnspython, jinja2 and graphy.
Download Links:

Password Protected Website’s:overcome protections

There are many ways to defeat java-script protected websites. Some are very simplistic, such as hitting
[ctl-alt-del ]when the password box is displayed, to simply turning offjava capability, which will dump you into the default page.You can try manually searching for other directories, by typing the directory name into the url address box of your browser, ie: you want access to www.target.com .

Try typing www.target.com/images .(almost ever y web site has an images directory) This will put you into the images directory,and give you a text list of all the images located there. Often, the title of an image will give you a clue to the name of another directory. ie: in www.target.com/images, there is a .gif named gamestitle.gif . There is a good chance then, that there is a ‘games’ directory on the site,so you would then type in www.target.com/games, and if it isa valid directory, you again get a text listing of all the files available there.

For a more automated approach, use a program like WEB SNAKE from anawave, or Web Wacker. These programs will create a mirror image of an entire web site, showing all director ies,or even mirror a complete server. They are indispensable for locating hidden files and directories.What do you do if you can’t get past an opening “PasswordRequired” box? . First do an WHOIS Lookup for the site. In our example, www.target.com . We find it’s hosted by www.host.com at 100.100.100. 1.

We then go to, and then launch Web Snake, and mirror the entire server. Set Web Snake to NOT download anything over about 20K. (not many HTML pages are bigger than this) This speeds things up some, and keeps you from getting a lot of files and images you don’t care about. This can take a long time, so consider running it right before bed time. Once you have an image of the entire server, you look through the directories listed, and find /target. When we open that directory, we find its contents, and all of its sub-directories listed. Let’s say we find /target/games/zip/zipindex.html . This would be the index page that would be displayed had you gone through the password procedure, and allowed it to redirect you here.By simply typing in the url www.target.com/games/zip/zipindex.html you will be onthe index page and ready to follow the links for downloading.
The Info Above Is Lame!!!. I Dont Condone The Use Of This Document In A Malisous Manner. I Suggest That U Dont Do it But U Do What Ever U Want. I Will Not Be Responsible For Any Thing That Might Happen To U If U Use This. 🙂

Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth Here’s how to Get it back

A nice little tweak for XP. Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..)

Here’s how to get it back:

Click Start–>Run–>type “gpedit.msc” without the “

This opens the group policy editor. Then go to:Local Computer Policy–>Computer Configuration–>Administrative Templates–>Network–>QOS Packet Scheduler–>Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Double click on Limit Reservable bandwidth. It will say it is not configured, but the truth is under the ‘Explain’ tab :

“By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default.”

So the trick is to ENABLE reservable bandwidth, then set it to ZERO.

This will allow the system to reserve nothing, rather than the default 20%.

I have tested on XP Pro, and 2000
other o/s not tested.