How to download covid vaccination certificate easily for good download covid 19 certificate

How to download covid vaccination certificate easily for good

Today we will learn How to download Covid vaccination certificate also known as corona vaccination certificate. Now a days Covid vaccination certificate is being asked many places and is required all over India while traveling and entry to other states.

Why covid vaccination certificate?

Download corona vaccination certificate is an important step, If you are traveling or planning to travel any part of country, And you don’t have a copy of the Covid vaccination certificate, You can easily download it with the help of mobile number, you initially used to register for vaccine dosage. Even if your are traveling abroad, covid vaccination certificate or corona vaccination certificate is a necessary thing to have.

Criteria to download covid vaccination certificate

In case you have not taken any dosage of any vaccines available for Covid in India, You won’t be able to download Covid vaccination certificate or Corona vaccination certificate . To download Covid vaccination certificate, you should have taken at least a single dose of any vaccines available in India.

Types of covid vaccines

Right now in India there are 3 vaccines which are commonly available in India Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V. All these vaccines are giving in 2 dosage. In India Covisheild dosage were having a gap of 30 days which is now increased to 84 days and other vaccines also follow the same rule now.

Steps to download Corona or Covid vaccination certificate

You will be able to download covid vaccination certificate by following the steps below:

How to download covid vaccination certificate -REGISTER / SIGN IN button
  • Now Enter your number and click on Get OTP button, you will see a screen like below to enter OTP.
Download covid vaccination certificate - login / Register - Enter OTP received on your number
Enter OTP received on your number
  • After entering OTP click on Verify & Proceed button
  • Now you will see names of all the people who are registered using that number, Maximum 4 people can be registered on Cowin portal using single number.
download corona vaccination certificate
Download covid vaccination certificate
  • Now on this screen you will see the name and other details of the person who took vaccine. You will find a button labeled Certificate, Click on that.
  • Download of covid vaccination certificate now in form of PDF document.

You can carry an e-copy of the downloaded certificate or get a Print of the certificate. I will share some more post on downloading covid vaccination certificate using Aarogyasetu app and How to get this certificate on Whatsapp . For health related articles visit our health section. Please comment on which topic you want posts and Videos.