Winrar setting options correctly

Open WInRar


GENERAL | (ok now that we’re there, here’s what U do next)

But 1st -> realize that everything U set on the default profile will occur everytime U rar files. So if U only need a password occasionally, or other special settings, then create another profile for those purposes. U can change which profile U need to use when WinRar is open. The Default profile is used otherwise, such as when using WinRar from the context menus in explorer.

General tab:

  • Archive format RAR
  • Compression method BEST
  • size (enter in BYTES the size you want as the max single Rar file). I use 51,200,000 (50,000 KB x 1024). But chose yer max size as U wish.
  • Update method ADD AND REPLACE FILES
  • Archiving options: check > PUT RECOVERY RECORD
  • Archiving options: check > TEST ARCHIVED FILES.
  • Archiving options: check > DELETE FILES AFTER ARCHIVING ( unless U want yer HDD to fill up with the rars & the original files for some reason)
  • Archiving options: do NOT check > Put authenticy verification, as this can be a source of Error Messages being generated upon extraction.
  • Archiving options: check > Create SFX ONLY if U don’t expect the person getting the filez to have WinRar. Otherwise leave it UNCHECKED.
  • Archiving options: do NOT check > Create Solid Archive. This can cause problems in certain cases.
  • Archiving options: do NOT check > Lock Arhive. This has NOTHING to do with a password.

Advanced tab:

Recovery Record -> U can leave it at 1%. Only set it higher if U expect the rar files to have a high risk of corruption. (very bad internet connections, or use on floppy disks, etc)

All else can be left alone. Don’t bother with the Compression button.

Files Tab
File Paths -> STORE RELATIVE PATHS. (unless U have a specific folder U want the files to be extracted to. Such as c:program filesNo Name Appzlink catcher).

The rest leave alone

Backup Tab
No need to change anything.

Time Tab
Files to Process -> OF ANY TIME

Comment Tab
Whatever comment U enter there will be shown on the right hand pane when WinRar opens yer Rar files. Think of something fun, catchy,interesting. I always mention that the files have recovery record set, so if they are corrupted in transfer, the person knows to use REPAIR function.

Click OK, U have now created yer default profile.