How to use the PASSWORD PROFILEcreated Earlier

To learn how to set password profile click here
Note -> Everything U set on the default profile will occur everytime U rar files. So when U need the password profile, follow these instructions. The Default profile is used otherwise, such as when using WinRar from the contest menus in explorer.

Open WinRar

Browse to the filez/folderz U want to Rar with Password.

Highlight all filez/folderz to be included.

Press the ADD button.


Scoll down to the profile whcih has the password set. In my example Superforum

Click OK

The filez are Rar’d. U can check if U did all correctly by opening the rar filez, and seeing if a password is required.

Until U change back to DEFAULT profile in this same method, or close WinRar, all Rar’z U create after this will have a password.