UltraSurf – Free Proxy Server Software for Windows

UltraSurf – Free Proxy Server Software for Windows

UltraSurf – Free Proxy Server Software for Windows , Due to security issues, blocking websites has become common these days. Generally colleges, IT companies block social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc to improve productivity.

UltraSurf – Free Proxy Server Software for Windows

In some situations, it is advisable to block websites such as in colleges where education should not be neglected. Other than these places, if you’re encountering blocking of websites, here is the best desktop proxy software called “UltraSurf” which is free to use.

What is UltrSurf and How to use it ?

UltraSurf is a free desktop proxy software which connects to blocked websites through proxy server. UltraSurf is very easy to setup and the interesting part is it doesn’t require any kind of installation.

Ultrasurf logo
UltraSurf logo

You can simply carry it in your PenDrive or USB Drive and use it on any system you wish.

Using Ultrasurf

  • Using UltraSurf proxy software is pretty easy.
  • Simply download the application, copy it to the pen drive or any location in your hard disk
  • Run the .exe file from the USB drive.
  • By default, it sets your Internet explorer and Google Chrome’s proxy settings to use UltraSurf servers.
  • In case you’re using other browser like Firefox, Opera, Safari…. etc do add the following proxy setting. 9666

That’s it! Once configured, you’ll be able to access all blocked websites in your office. This proxy software even helps in accessing websites like Vimeo, PirateBay which were blocked as per court orders.

Download : UltraSurf