Tips to Increase Internet speed on Mobile by 20 to 30%

Tips to Increase Internet speed on Mobile by 20 to 30%

Today we are going to talk about Increase Internet speed on Mobile, Mobile Internet these days has evolved and has become the main source for all of us specially the youngster to get connected on social networks, Web surfing, downloading, Learning and other activities that make use of internet.

Sometimes Internet gets down or even gets disconnected that stage is really frustrating, irritating and it pisses everyone off. So today I am going to give some tips which will boost your mobile internet connectivity and help to increase Internet speed on Mobile by 20 to 30%.

Tips to Increase Internet speed on Mobile

Using Internet on Spacious place

When you using internet, try to avoid using your cellphone near thicker wall or places where separation is done using metal plates, these can weaken the carrier signals. Thinner walls, open areas will have higher signal strength, You can try using your devices in such area for better internet speed on mobile devices.

Increase Internet speed on Mobile - Out Door User
Increase Internet speed on Mobile – Out Door User

Keep you device firmware updated

Often people are least bothered about device software updates, but it is very important to get your mobile device updated with the latest operating software. It not only provides security patches but it also provides updated drivers for the hardware that are used in mobile devices. These drivers are more optimized and performance oriented and hence can help with the speed boost to your mobile device.

Using Internet Off peak hours

Using you smartphone or Android device Off peak hours can help you in increasing internet speed on your mobile device as network traffic will lowest and environmental interference will also be at lowest. You can use this time to browse internet, But this is best suitable for downloading thing which you can start and get a nap, When you woke up you will notice things are downloaded.

Increase Internet speed on mobile by using Anteena

Doing this thing will cost you a little but it is worth it. You can buy an antenna or Signal booster which will capture more signal and gain more connectivity to your device enhancing you internet speeds on your mobile device. Though it is not easy to find a compatible Anteena for you device.

Using hotspots

There are some scenarios where you can create a hotspot on your old device and keep it in open area, Use that to surf internet. You can try to find some hotspot nearby from broadband or access point which actually distribute high speed internet over Wi-Fi. Connect with these and get high speed on your mobile device.

These were the 5 tips which will surely help you to increase Internet speed on Mobile by 20 to 30% and giving you faster access Facebook, Twitter, other social networking websites and help you access various learning portals as well.