best ways to hack facebook tutorial to make quick money from

In this post I want to share some quick tips to help you start with I hope this helps.
Step 1 – Register
Go to home page at, and click the button Join now! Fill up the form carefully, in the last step account type choose link shrinker if you wan’t to earn money by getting traffic to your links. You can also choose to be an advertiser and advertise your links on and others will bring you traffic.
Step 2 – Now what?
Now that you have an account you’re ready to start! After logging you’ll land on your dashboard. Here you can shrink any link you want and then just copy it and share it on the web. You also can see your fancy stats and all the links you shared so you can use them again later!
Well now you have your first shrinked url. If you haven’t before visited any adfly ads, have look how it works.
Step 3 – How to get traffic
Now its time to get some traffic to your links. You can find out many good ways on this blog or on forums on how you can get some traffic. You just need to shrink your links and share them! If you think that its hard to get 1000 views, well its not. Use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, your blog and your websiter, forums, chat, e-mail etc. The list goes on and on. There are a lot of ways you can get traffic to your links. Just make it sure you choose the right niche and maybe share some trendy link.
Step 4 – Rates/CPM
You’ve probably seen that you can get 5 dollars per thousand views from United States. Well the rates are not updated in real-time, they are just average. Well they are not wrong, it only depends how many campaigns there is going on. But try to focus on links from United States, Canada, India and some other big countries. They pay more!
Last step – Payment

When you reach the amount of $5, you can get your money at the next payday. Go to adfly website, and there is the Withdraw section where you can withdraw your earnings. You can use your PayPal or AlertPay account to receive your earnings. – shorten links and earn money!