Experience with Google on 2012

Google is one of the indispensable search engines in the present scenario. It occupies the major role for most of SEO experts. Moreover, it offers great benefits for every person, website owners and the common day-to-day viewers. Frankly speaking, do not need to go for a depression test, rather chill out for here is some really awesome experience of Google.

 Google + an effective networking site

Google has made some changes from the start of 2012, while mainly the looks and its effective performance are noted in recent months. Social networking sites frame an important role for marketing. If you are an avid blogger or an SEO expert make sure to use networking sites that helps in reaching the clients directly. The recent Google +, a networking site from Google is been used as a strong SEO tool by every visitors and bloggers.
Here sharing some of the experiences with using Google 2012 and its recent launch Google +.

Back links and Google +

At the start of this year, I created three blogs on WordPress. All the three blogs were peak rank domains based on different functions. The niches were actually based on games, productivity and careers.
I managed to create efficient back links for the first two niches games and productivity, (i.e.)

I concentrated in promoting at an equal level for both the sites. When working with contentupdates one of the sites from the two was regularly updated than the other.
Google + an effective SEO tool
I made it a point to use social marketing for the last site (careers), which I didn’t focus much on link building or content marketing. I used some of popular networking sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter for the promotions. I was able to build my site as well I was getting valuable comments, mentions from the networking people.
The result was truly surprising, which I found the site that is promoted using Google +, via social media has gained high web traffic than the other two blogs. It was the one that I spend very less time but has managed to gain in front at search traffic.
Advantages of Google web master tool
While posting blogs or searching at Google search engine you will notice a +1 widget. This helps to increase your search rankings and that is one of easy ways to reach the targeted clients. You can also avoid spam posts or links by watching this +1 widget.
Relevant link building
I was able to learn another fact about marketing in recent Google version that is linking to relevant sources will prove beneficial results in search rankings. Link building with inappropriate sources or contents will lose its value in short time. It is better you can start link building to proper sources as per your content.
Social media and SEO

Though content writing, press releases and submissions, back links frame an important role in SEO social media also play an equal part that has to be considered for effective marketing. Google +, one of the latest social networking sites has many advantages, which every SEO expert can make complete use of it.

“Tutorial” : How To Downloading from ShareCash, FileIce, By using Sandboxie Only Using 7 Step

For all the people who have trouble with the surveys on ShareCash, here’s a way to download that works for me almost every time. This may or may not work on other survey sites.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: .hotspotshield download here
Step 2:.Sandboxie:download here

Download and install Sandboxie.

After installation, the Sandboxie window should come up. Close any prompts that may come up, right click ‘Sandbox DefaultBox’, and select ‘Run Sandboxed>Run Web Browser’. A new window with your default browser will come up.

If Firefox gives you an error ‘Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.’, just try opening it through Sandboxie again and it should work. You can tell that Firefox is running sandboxed when you see a pair of ‘[#]’ around the window name in your taskbar.

Step 3:
Copy and paste your link into the Sandboxed browser. When you see the infamous ‘Complete a Quick Survey to Continue!’ box, there should be at least one option to download some sort of game or toolbar. A lot of the time they don’t go right out and say that it’s a download just from the description, but ones that usually don’t ask for your opinion/personal info are the download ones. If you’re not sure, just click on them to check. I’m going to do the ‘Blow up all the balloons’ one.

Step 4:
On the new page, click the Download or Play Now button for whatever page Sharecash sent you to, and download the file.

If Sandboxie brings a prompt up asking to recover files out of the Sandbox, click ‘Close’.

Protip: If your antivirus is giving you trouble, just disable it. You’ll still be safe, as Sandboxie keeps it in a contained environment.

Step 5:
Run the file from the browser and before going on with the installation, ensure that you’re running it sandboxed by looking for those ‘[#]’ in the window name like we did before.

Go on with the installation. I recommend that you uncheck any offers to install software that’s unnecessary to going through the installation. It won’t hurt anything if you do, but it just takes longer.

Step 6:
Now that you’ve completed the installation, a page may open up, and $harecash should detect that you’ve installed it.

This time, however, when you download the actual file you were trying to, select ‘Recover’ when the Sandboxie prompt comes up.

Step 7:
Now, to clean everything up, we’re going to go to the Sandboxie Control, right click, and select ‘Delete Contents’. Select ‘Delete Contents’ on the next prompt and anything in the Sandboxie process tree should close. Now you’re clean!

I hope this helped. And to those who always complain about Sharecash, please remember that there are people working hard to make those programs you love, and Sharecash is an incentive for them to keep it free

How To Delete an “UnDeletable” File

Hello Friends, this Tutorial is for all those who want to delete some files but they cannot delete them due to some reasons. Well this is a Full Proof way of deleting any Damn File. After Deleting the File in this way there won’t be any trace of that File on your computer.

Beware : Make sure that the file you are Deleting is not a System File.
Method  one

Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open.

Close all open programs.
Click Start, Run and enter TASKMGR.EXE
Go to the Processes tab and End Process on Explorer.exe.
Leave Task Manager open.
Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory the AVI (or other undeletable file) is located in.
At the command prompt type DEL where is the file you wish to delete.
Go back to Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the GUI shell.
Close Task Manager.

you can try this

Open Notepad.exe
Click File>Save As..>
Locate the folder where your undeletable file is
Choose ‘All files’ from the file type box
Click once on the file u wanna delete so its name appears in the ‘filename’ box
Put a ” at the start and end of the filename (the filename should have the extension of the undeletable file so it will overwrite it)
Click save,
It should ask u to overwrite the existing file, choose yes and u can delete it as normal

Here’s a manual way of doing it. I’ll take this off once you put into your first post zain.

Start Run Type: command
To move into a directory type: cd c:*** (The stars stand for your folder)
If you cannot access the folder because it has spaces for example Program 

Files or Kazaa Lite folder you have to do the following. instead of typing in 
the full folder name only take the first 6 letters then put a ~ and then 1 without spaces. Example: cd c:progra~1kazaal~1
Once your in the folder the non-deletable file it in type in dir – a list will come up with everything inside.
Now to delete the file type in del ***.bmp, txt, jpg, avi, etc… And if the file name has spaces you would use the special 1st 6 letters followed by a ~ and a 1 rule. Example: if your file name was bad file.bmp you would type once in the specific folder thorugh command, del badfil~1.bmp and your file should be gone. Make sure to type in the correct extension

Enjoy 60 minutes trial of free calling to 60 countries.For Android Only.

For Android Only.


dont forget to note down the password when it displays on your phone


Enjoy 60 minutes trial of free calling to 60 countries,and unlimited SIP/VoIP calling and instant messaging to other VoX Mobile customers from anywhere in the world over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Here is what you get:

  •  60 minutes of FREE calling to select countries
  •  No monthly contract
  •  A real telephone number (1)
  •  Unlimited free calls to other VoX Mobile customers (2)
  •  Unlimited free instant messaging to other VoX Mobile customers (2)
  •  Free voice mail (1)
  •  Free calling features such as call waiting, 3-way calling, and caller ID
  •  Record telephone calls
  •  Incoming call filtering for advanced users
  •  Integrated contacts
  •  Integrated dial pad
  •  Support for multiple accounts
  •  Support for multiple telephone numbers
  •  Support for over 60 SIP service providers
  •  Online account management
  •  AMR and SILK support
  •  G.729 support for improved audio quality (3)
Note 1: Select plans only.

Note 2: Data plan is required. 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

Note 3: Requires confirmation of a G.729 end-user license agreement.

Google SEO Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

In simple words Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines.This process is very important when you want to get lot of traffic from search engines like google ,yahoo,bing etc. Search engine optimization includes what are the factor on which a website ranking is depend during search engine searching.If you don’t know from where to start about seo ,there is a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide from google which will help you to create your website or blogs search engine friendly.

This guide includes all the basics of seo for beginner.It is an official Google SEO Starter Guide so it includes most of the seo concept.This new version of seo guide have the “SEO for Mobile Phones” section where Google helps you understand why having a mobile version of your site is  important and how you can  implement SEO for it.
Click below and download the google Search Engine Optimization Guide
Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

6 Awesome Open Source USB Applications

If you find yourself on the go more often than not and having to use public computers such as those in an Internet cafe or library, you’ve probably adjusted to using whatever browser and programs are available on the computer. However, you can custom tailor programs to your own preferences using a USB drive and these programs will retain your preferences no matter what computer the drive is plugged into. Check out these top six applications to custom tailor your user experience no matter what computer you use.
  1. Firefox Portable: One of the worst things about having to use someone else’s browser is it is not configured the way you want it. With Firefox portable, you can install Firefox on your USB drive and configure it with all the add-ons and extensions you want so your browsing experience never changes.
  2. Thunderbird Portable: The second annoyance of having to use someone else’s computer is not being able to check your email. However, Thunderbird can be custom tailored just like Firefox to provide you with a seamless email experience just as you would get at home.
    Download: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable
  3. Portable Apps Suite: This suite makes it possible to arrange all of your portable apps into a start menu like interface so that when you plug your USB drive into any computer, it is almost like running an OS on top of an OS. With this installed on the drive, you have specified document folders that are organized according to type so there’s no more hunting around on the drive for important files.
  4. OpenOffice Portable: Getting work done while you are outside the office or your home computer can be a pain, especially if the computer you are using does not have Microsoft Office installed on it. You can alleviate this problem by using Open Office, which is compatible with all of Microsoft’s proprietary file extensions. When integrated with Portable Apps Suite, it completes the productivity experience on any computer, as you have access to a word processor, spreadsheet manager, and database manager.
  5. Pidgin Portable: Keeping up with friends across multiple chat networks is hard enough on your home computer, so instead of installing GTalk, AIM, Yahoo, and MSN on your portable device, simply install Pidgin to manage all the services from one unique program. Pidgin will remember your settings across multiple sessions on any computer, making it the perfect way to communicate with friends when you’re not on your main machine.
  6. Avast! Portable Anti-Virus Scanner: Protecting yourself while you’re on a foreign computer is of top priority, which is why you need to include an anti-virus to round off your USB drive portable apps. Avast! is one of the top anti-viruses for computers and this portable app will scan and detect viruses and worms and remove them. This is very good for diagnosing problems on other PCs.

Hot Deals – Online → Free domain (including .com) at intuit – No Credit Card Required (Giveaway)

This is a freebie but this may have got ignored if posted in Freebies Section
When they ask for Credit Card details, use Entropay Virtual Card.
For activation of Virtual card you need to provide funding source. For that select BankAccount → Random country → Others → Any Bank name
Free website with domain for 1 year. It seems this is also sponsored by Google (http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/pressrel/go… ).

1. Advanced DNS settings (A, CNAME and MX records) available if site hosted with them (free).
2. Nameservers can be changed
3. Advanced DNS settings get deactivated when NS is changed. But advanced DNS settings can be modified from website host cPanel

Enabiling Cmd + Regedit When It’s Disabled By Admin / Group Policy


Step 1:
Create a new shortcut
Step 2:
Add the following to the shortcut:

REG add HKCUSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsSystem /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f


Step 1:
Create shortcut
Step 2:
Add the following to the shortcut:

REG add HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
Back register keys b4 u try this

Speed Up or Disable Windows Search Indexing in Vista,7

Speed Up or Disable Windows Search Indexing in Vista, 7

The new indexing service built into Windows Vista has been the subject of a lot of complaints, since it seems to kick in at strange times and thrash your hard drive. So what can we do to speed this up?
There’s two options: You can either trim down the amount of files that Windows Search is indexing, or you can disable it entirely if you never use the search.
Trim Down Indexing Locations
The best way to trim down the amount of processor time the indexing service uses is by trimming down the amount of files being indexed. For instance, if you don’t regularly search through your C: drive, there’s really no need to be indexing it.
Personally, I love the search function for Outlook and the Start Menu, but that’s the only places I care about indexing.
 Type Indexing into the control panel search or the start menu search box, and you should see an item called Indexing Options.
Here you can see the current list of locations that are being indexed. For instance, I only index the start menu and Outlook. If you want to modify or remove locations, use the Modify button.
 All you have to do to remove a location from being indexed is uncheck the box. You might have to click the Show All Locations button to see some of the default locations.
The start menu indexing really doesn’t take much processing time though, so I wouldn’t bother removing that.
Completely Disable Indexing
If you’d prefer to completely disable the indexing service, you can disable it entirely by turning off the service.
Open up Services through control panel, or by typing services.msc into the start menu search box. Find “Windows Search” in the list of services and double-click on it to open it.

Change the Startup type of the service to Disabled, and then click the Stop button to stop the service.
 At this point the Windows Search service is completely disabled.


The Files are Seperated in to 3 Parts, each part isnt not linked so you can download part 1 and you wont need the others to extract the first part.
 Part 1 Contains:
 > Minesweeper fix
 > Minesweeper
 > Freecell
 > Hearts
 > Inkball
 > Vista.Emulation.dll
 Part 2 Contains:
 > Shanghi
 > Solitaire
 > Spider Solitaire
 Part 2 Contains:
 > Purble Place
 Just click on the games to play, they will automatically create “Microsoft Games” in your PROGRAM FILES, and will add a shortcut to your start menu under Vista_Games so when you want to play them again you don’t have to keep running them where you saved them. Make sure you have Vista.Emulation.DLL in the c:windowssystem32 folder other wise these will not work
 To make Minesweeper work:
 Extract minesweeper.bat in the directory containing minesweeper.exe
 create a shortcut to desktop or something like that
 right click on the shortcut
 choose properties
 Run: select minimize
 and enjoy